Photo credit : Louison Chambon



I was born in 1993 in France and have been living in Brussels since 2018. In Bordeaux, I obtained a Master’s degree in Fine Arts and discovered silkscreen printing. I have made it my subject of research and a privileged medium of creation. My thesis, Pour une esthétique de la sérigraphie artisanale, is an attempt to explore this technique both theoretically and practically. I then joined the Printmaking section of La Cambre (Belgian National School of Visual Arts) where I refined an artistic thought and directed my practice towards the collection of symbolic and narrative images, by which we can observe our present from our future, and vice versa.



My work is situated in a blur between photography and painting throught silkscreen printing. I picture objects and landscapes whose subject matter never shows humans, only a trace, and offers a graphic narrative interpretation that is both appealing and disturbing.

My approach is motivated by the conviction that a catastrophe has long since begun, but that the statistics that are supposed to alert us to it are unable to address our emotions. This is why, on the fringes of morality and reason, driven by an ambient uncertainty, I follow my intuition.

I claim the precious time of the walk as a moment of observation and reflection in which I glean my images. These images make up a collection of suspended times and are presented as signs we are obliged to doubt, but which we cannot ignore. I learn the language of doubt, to read the omens of the past and to remember the future.




2012 – 2017 : Fine Arts bachelor and master degree, Bordeaux Montaigne University. Secretary then President of the association of students and former students in Fine Arts of the Bordeaux Montaigne University. Organization and participation in many cultural events (exhibition, festivals, fairs, …).
2017 – 2020 : Printmaking master degree, ENSAV La Cambre (Brussels).
Group shows : Epopure, 2016, Bordeaux – Paris │ Epopure, 2017, Brussels – Paris │ Biennale Appel d’Air of Arras (FR), edition 2018 │ Overpr!nt, 2018, at the Centre de la Gravure et de l’Image Imprimée in La Louvière (BE) │ (Dis)location, Out of a box, Antwerp (BE) │ WEDGE – Decolonizing the mind. We are the other, 2020, Bruxelles. │ Nominee 29th Prix de la Gravure at the Centre de la Gravure et de l’Image Imprimée in La Louvière (BE)